Eco 4 Grants Oldham

Eco 4 Grant Oldham

Discover Eco provides the Eco 4 grant in Oldham and through the North West, supporting all vulnerable households. Starting in August 2022, the eco 4 grant is a government scheme, available to eligible households until March 31st 2026. The scheme supports homes with high energy bills and low heating efficiency, covering some or all of the cost of a new boiler or heating system upgrade.

We offer a wide range of heating services to support the scheme. This includes working with boiler installations, radiators, heat pumps and insulation. Regardless of the job we complete, you will always receive a quality guarantee, giving you complete peace of mind. Furthermore, we have full certifications and qualifications for all types of work.

Speak to Discover Eco today and find out your eligibility for the eco 4 grant in Oldham. Call us on 01254 936 391, fill in our contact form or apply online.

What Is The Eco 4 Grant?

To combat rising energy bills, the eco 4 grant has been created to support households across the UK. Whilst you must meet certain criteria to be accepted for the grant, this can mean it covers some or all of the cost of a new heating system or boiler. Reducing the initial expensive cost involved with this, it also helps to reduce ongoing energy bills and carbon emissions. This helps the government reach their sustainability targets.

Our team work with the UK government to support homes with the eco 4 grant in Rossendale. By helping clients throughout the area, we can help the government achieve their goals on carbon emissions. Providing heating services, we also offer advice and guidance on the application process. We assess your current heating systems to ensure they are at the necessary standard for an upgrade.

Eco 4 Grant Criteria

For you to be eligible, you must receive some benefits. This must include at least one of the following criteria.

  • Child Benefit
  • Pension Guarantee Credit
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)
  • Income Support
  • Tax Credits (Child Tax Credits and Working Tax Credits)
  • Universal Credit
  • Housing benefit
  • Pension credit saving credit

As part of the wider ECO scheme, the eco 4 grant is the 4th version of the scheme. This is aimed at improving the sustainability of the UK and achieving NET ZERO carbon emissions. We look to support as many clients as possible. Whether this is with the installation of heating or advice on application and the criteria. For any guidance you need, we discuss any issues, such as the number of claimants within one household.

As part of the eco scheme, we are well equipped to deal with all types of heating services to improve your heating efficiency. This includes boiler systems as well as insulation. We use the best suppliers and manufacturers, with all boilers holding an ‘A’ efficiency rating. This ensures lower heat loss, carbon emissions and heating bills for your home. It also gives you peace of mind over the long-term quality of our boilers.

For more information on the services we have available, contact Discover Eco. Call us on 01254 936 391, fill in our contact form. Alternatively, apply online today.

ECO Scheme Oldham

With easy access routes to the area of Oldham, we offer a fast response to all clients based here. We are just a short distance from Oldham and offer our support through application to installation of boiler and heating systems. Discover Eco wants to support as many homes as possible with the Eco 4 grant in Oldham and throughout the North West.

With our team, you always have trusted suppliers of the grant, as we assess your individual criteria and the standard of your current heating systems. Once your application is complete, we schedule the most suitable time for installation. The grant you receive will cover some or all of these costs.

Oldham is a town in the county of Greater Manchester. It lies amongst the pennines and has a population of over 96,000 people. Oldham is also a metropolitan borough with a wider population of over 237,000 people. The town of Oldham lies northeast of the city of Manchester. Our team are always on hand to provide the eco 4 grant in Oldham.

To discuss the eco 4 grant in Oldham or apply, contact Discover Eco today. Call us on 01254 936 391, fill in our contact form or apply online.

About Discover Eco

Discover Eco was established to support the UK government’s target of achieving NET ZERO carbon emissions by 2050. To achieve this, we work with homeowners, local authorities, landlords and letting agents across the country. Whilst the Eco 4 scheme can give you free heating systems for your home, we never compromise on the quality of service we deliver, from support in initial assessment to the final installation.

We use only the best suppliers and products for all insulation and boilers, also guaranteeing ‘A’ rated boilers. Our team are fully accredited and qualified, with several years of experience. Our mission is to support as many homes as possible with the Eco 4 grant in Oldham and the UK. Creating a sustainable future for the area, we promote energy efficiency and preserve our environment for the future.

With Discover Eco, you will receive quality guaranteed, overseeing quality of work from start to finish. Additionally, external bodies will complete C3 inspections. All jobs undergo risk assessment, with our team using PPE and issues method statements. We have full certification and qualifications to complete all jobs.

View our testimonials for previous work or contact our team today.

Apply for Eco 4 Grant In Oldham

For more information or to apply for the eco 4 grant in Oldham, contact Discover Eco. Our team will talk you through the criteria for eligibility, as well as evaluating your current heating systems. Apply online or speak to our team over the phone. Call us on 01254 936 391 or fill in our online contact form.


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